20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (2023)

National Bubble Tea Day falls on Sunday, April 30 this year, and Tampa Bay has no shortage of bubble tea shops and coffee shops serving matcha lattes, Thai teas, Vietnamese iced coffees, and everything in between.

Pioneered in Taiwan by entrepreneur Du Zonghe in the late 1980s, the beverage fad has grown in popularity over the past decade with pastel colors, eclectic combinations of flavors and unique ways to prepare desserts.

The key to discovering the perfect bubble tea is free experimentation. Whether you prefer flavor mixes, drinks 50 percent less sweet, cheese foam, or classic tapioca boba pearls drizzled with brown sugar syrup, your local teahouse has the potential to satisfy your wildest bubble tea cravings. From Pinellas Park to Temple Terrace, here are 20 of our favorite boba shops in every corner of Tampa Bay.

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20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (1)

maybe tea

2850 University Square Dr., Tampa
Anyone fancy taro tofu pudding tea with milk? A must-have for innovative beverages in North Tampa, Möge Tea features an assortment of cheesy frothy fruit teas, Yakult yogurt drinks, and unique flavors like creme brulee, fresh taro, red bean, and mango pomelo.
Photo fromMogeTee/Facebook

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20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (2)


2732 E Fowler Ave., Tampa
Self-service coffee shop kiosks are an incredibly convenient way to get your weekly (or daily) bob fix. Bonus points for TeaStori's wide range of mochi ice cream, colorful macaroons and "drink packs" - where you get two of your favorite tea flavors in a tall drink. If you want to continue your sugar high, head through the TeaStori parking lot to Sweet Buns.
Photo fromTeaStor/Facebook

20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (3)

happy tiger

1101 S Howard Ave. Suite B, 坦帕
While Filipino-style noodles and buns may be the most popular items on this cozy menu, Lucky Tigre's wide selection of drinks is a surefire way to get away from it. You can't go wrong with ube milk tea with sea salt and mango fruit tea with fermented coconut jelly, but a tip is to order the limited edition buko pandan milk tea, served with coconut flakes and brown sugar pearls.
Photo fromRickeyPKim/Instagram

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20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (4)

Green Cafe

5944 34th St. N, Petersburg
Owned by the same people as La V on Central Avenue (which deserves a spot on this list), Thuy Cafe sells bubble tea on North St. Pete for the better part of two decades. If you want to feel the power of pure caffeine coursing through your veins, we recommend ordering a Vietnamese iced coffee - and if you want to stay on the thicker side, try a cup of lychee green tea. Pro Thuy Cafe advises you to order taro blend milk tea with avocado and plain bubble tea for a rich and creamy twist on the classic.
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20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (5)

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109 N 12th St., Tampa
While downtown Tampa is certainly short of boba space, Bamboozle's Channelside location still offers a variety of drinks along with a healthy Vietnamese menu. Taro, coconut and matcha milk teas complement fresh smoothies and iced coffees and are served with a variety of boba and jellies. The Vietnamese restaurant also gets extra points for the variety of dairy-free boba drinks.
Photo fromgibberish/Instagram

20 must-have Bob's shops and cafes in every corner of Tampa Bay (6)

firewood mixology

1106 Central Avenue, Sankt Petersburg
While poke bowls and smoothies are the stars of the Chai Mixology menu, the variety of boba teas adds a refreshing twist to healthy dishes. Its bubble tea range ranges from the expected milk teas like Taro and Mango to unique flavors like Vanilla Chai, Honeydew, Cookies, Cream and Rose. Toppings include classic tapioca pearls, popcorn and rainbow jelly.
Photo fromChai Mixology/Facebook

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