AHA Newsletter - May 2023 - Alcohol Health Alliance (2023)

Spring budget and alcohol tax unpacked

AHA Newsletter - May 2023 - Alcohol Health Alliance (1)

The Spring Budget includes some major alcohol tax updates - but what does it all mean? Alcohol Institute (IAS)published the reportAnalyze the content and make some suggestions.

In total, the tax cuts will cost the TreasuryOver £23.9 billionBy comparison, between 2013 and 2028, this would cover the cost of alcohol damage to the NHS for 3 years if the tariff increased with inflation.

Taxes on most spirits are expected to increase in August based on RPI inflation, with the exception of products covered by the relief project, for which effective tariffs will fall. After these changesAlcohol taxes will remain much lower than in 2012/13.

The alcohol tax system will be reformed to an intensity based system from August 2023. While the MSR supports moving to a higher proportional tax system, there are some concerns and recommendations:

  • Rates set too low - should at least cover£27 billionThe cost of alcohol harming society.
  • The fact that cider still has a lower discount rate compared to beer of the same strength is likely to continue to do damage and should be offset.
  • Tariffs should be depoliticized and automatically raised based on inflation or revenue every year, not every budget.

Fighting addiction and family: Matt Willis and a Scottish family in a new BBC documentary

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fight addictionMatt Willis (See Busted) talks about his battle with addiction and the stress his family is under.

A documentary featuring family members in a support center run by families with alcohol and drug addiction in Scotland, sheds light on the 'wave effect' of alcohol and drug use.

Vivienne Evans, chief executive of Adfam, said around 4 million adults in the UK face the negative effects of drinking with friends or family,explain: "Family and friends often face issues such as stress, bullying, isolation, mental health issues and financial stress" that should not be forgotten.

The documentary can be seen on BBC One on Wednesday 17 MayHere.

Changing Life celebrates Oaktrees' first online graduation

With the rise of online therapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic,change lifelaunched Adigital trackTheir 12-week Oaktrees abstinence program. The pilot service has been rolled out across Northumberland and recently celebrated its first completion.

This online service allows people to access alternatives to face-to-face therapy services while receiving support from dedicated staff. Oaktrees Online gives participants the flexibility to tailor their treatment plan to their current lives and schedules, making it accessible to those who work or have family responsibilities.

As such, the Oaktree Online program supports the broader goal of changing lives, breaking down barriers to accessing treatment, and supporting more people to stay sober and lead fulfilling lives.

Alcohol prices and violence: The April effect

new evidenceResearchers from the Cardiff University Violence Research Unit report a link between alcohol prices and violence-related injuries in England and Wales.

The study looked at actual alcohol prices and found an inverse relationship with violent injury rates, which was particularly strong for spirits prices but not for wine. The paper also identified an "April effect" for violent injuries recorded in emergency rooms, coinciding with annual increases in alcohol taxes between 2005 and 2014.


Given the considerable stress that alcohol places on accidents and emergency services, this study provides important evidence that alcohol tax policies can be used to reduce the incidence of violent injuries and the associated health costs.

Early Bird tickets to the 2023 MCA Annual Symposium on Alcohol, Health and Inequality

The 2023 MCA Annual Symposium on Alcohol-Related Health Risks is the premier event for health professionals in the field of alcohol and health. Open to clinicians and scientists from a variety of disciplines and specialties, the program emphasizes new research and policy, as well as practical application.

This year's symposium will focus on the complex relationship between alcohol harm and social inequalities, and its implications for public health. There will also be sessions on upcoming UK clinical guidelines for treating alcoholism and an update to the NICE quality standards for alcohol use disorders. The Max Glatt Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes.

Early bird ticket isdiscount nowand will run until Monday, July 24.


Gendered liquor brand marketing in a changing world: examining the positioning and representation of women and their impact

Health Action on Alcohol Scotland/Scottish Alcohol Research Network

June 20, 2023 from 12:45 to 14:00


Alcohol Use in a cost of living crisis

Alcohol Institute

June 22, 2023, at 14:00-15:00


AHA Council Reception


British Alcohol Health Alliance and Dan Carden MP

July 11, 2023, at 9:30-11:00


Transforming Scotland's night economy: Public and stakeholder perceptions of alcohol's changing role post-COVID-19

Health Action on Alcohol Scotland/Scottish Alcohol Research Network

July 25, 2023, at 12:45-14:00


Annual MCA Symposium on Alcohol and Health

Alcohol Medicine Council

22 listopada 2023 r

Royal College of Physicians, Londyn, NW1 4LE

Early Bird tickets available here

meet members

Each month we speak with an AHA member to learn more about what they do and how their organization works to end alcohol-related harm.

(Video) OPTIMIZE YOUR GUT to Fight Disease: New Science of Eating Well | Dr. Tim Spector X Rich Roll Podcast

Today we meet Jessica Turner, a Registered Adult Nurse who has been in the Public Health Development position at the Royal College of Nursing since August 2022.

AHA Newsletter - May 2023 - Alcohol Health Alliance (3)

How can your organization help reduce alcohol-related harm?

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) represents nearly half a million nurses, practicing nurses, midwives and nursing support staff in the UK and worldwide. Our members work in the private, public and voluntary sectors and are often able to influence attitudes and alcohol consumption, not only at the individual patient or client level, but also at the community and population level.

We work with our members in many ways, including lobbying the government and other agencies across the UK to develop, influence and implement policies that improve the quality of patient care. Committed to the lifelong learning and development of our members, we promote and engage in nursing research, recognizing that high-quality nursing research can transform patient care. We develop publications and clinical learning resources to ensure that best practices are shared and maintained among nursing staff.

What motivates you the most at work?

I am inspired by the contributions our RCN members make to public health. They are committed to providing the best care and to advancing health equity for all. Regarding alcohol harm, although most caregivers work individually, they can help to change attitudes and reduce overall consumption by understanding cultural and social attitudes towards alcohol in the local community or population. The insight and knowledge of our members is critical to our work to influence and implement change and ultimately improve the health of individuals.

What changes do you think will have the greatest impact on alcohol-related harm reduction?

The factors affecting human health are complex, and addressing this issue requires a systems approach. This includes support from professionals, but it is also important to change the wider environment to enable individuals to make healthy changes. There are serious gaps in the nursing workforce, which is critical to tackling health inequalities. There needs to be a cross-sectoral strategy to improve health and reduce health inequities that includes actions addressing the broader determinants of health.

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(Video) Research Into Action Webinar: Impact of Vaping Prevention Advertisements on US Adolescents


AHA Announcement - May 2023

AHA Newsletter - May 2023 - Alcohol Health Alliance (5)


The government is not "paying enough attention" to the dangers of alcohol, an investigation finds

AHA Newsletter - May 2023 - Alcohol Health Alliance (6)

blog post

I stopped drinking because of the risk of breast cancer


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